The best part is that the prices are way cheaper than the apartment’s right outside Center City. These homes are more spacious for a portion of the price but still give us access to transportation. Many of the homes closer to Oregon Ave are now filled with young professionals from the Navy Yard. The homes are very mixed with some smaller ones for singles and the larger family homes with lawns garages etc. There are also a couple of apartment complexes in the area that provide affordable living options for residents. It’s safe and affordable but it is a largely residential family oriented area. The main shopping areas of Whitman are located along Snyder Avenue.

Chestnut Hill

In the northwestern part of Philadelphia right above Wissahickon Creek sits Chestnut Hill. If public school is the way for you the School District of Philadelphia zones Chestnut Hill students to a K and a in the area. Chestnut Hill College is the only posthigh school institution in the area. The majority of Chestnut Hill residents are homeowners. Chestnut Hill features two lines on the SEPTA Regional Rail Chestnut Hill East and Chestnut Hill West. LaSalle College and Chestnut Hill College are within the community. A number of private schools call Chestnut Hill home. They include Crefeld School The Chestnut Hill Academy and Springside School. Chestnut Hill is a neighborhood located in Northwest Philadelphia. The area is also home to Chestnut Hill College. Chestnut Hill is one of those neighborhoods.

Pennypack Park

Pennypack Park is a great park that has a lot to offer. My mom grew up here so Pennypack Park will always have a spot in my heart. It’s located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia and is situated between the Northeast Philadelphia Airport and Pennypack Park. One of the biggest draws of the area is Pennypack Park for which the neighborhood is named. Pennypack Creek runs through the park and eventually leads into the Delaware River. Pennypack Park is acres made up of wetlands woodlands and meadows that are great for walking hiking and just hanging out in. An added bonus point about Pennypack Park is that it’s located across from Fox Chase Farm which is another great place to visit.


Once a rich farmland area Bustleton is now a middle class residential neighborhood. Bustleton used to be known as a rich farming area. In the twentieth century however the area became a largely residential community with commercial areas on Roosevelt Boulevard Grant Avenue Red Lion Road and Bustleton Avenue. If you drive a few major roadways in the area would be Red Lion Road PA Roosevelt Boulevard U.S. and Bustleton Avenue PA. Bustleton is home to two of the most dangerous intersections in the United States Roosevelt Blvd. at Grant Avenue and at Red Lion Road. There are parochial schools in the area as well. The major commercial sections of Bustleton can be found on Bustleton Avenue Roosevelt Boulevard Grant Avenue and Red Lion Road.

Fox Chase

Fox Chase is a suburban area in Northeast Philadelphia. Fox Chase Farm is one of the only farms remaining in Philadelphia County. The areas largest employer is the Fox Chase Cancer Center. Public transportation includes the Fox Chase Line for the regional rail. Worldwide this area on the outskirts of Philadelphia is best known for the cancer treatment center The Fox Chase Cancer Center. The origins of Fox Chase however are located in its name. Fox Chase is a neighborhood located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. There are many large homes located in Fox Chase that are ideal for families with children. Fox Chase offers moderately expensive home prices but it is well worth it. Fox Chase is also home to Fox Chase Farm the only remaining active farm in Philadelphia.

Powelton Village

Local businesses and chains alike line the street with constant activity from local residents and college students. It was named after the Powels a Welsh colonialist family who owned much of the land in the area during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Many of the shops and galleries in the area participate in Second Fridays. Most of the streets are lined with trees and parking is much easier than a few streets to the south where Drexels campus takes over. Overall Powelton Village is a great place for those attending one of the nearby universities to live if they want to be a little bit further removed from the college atmosphere of University City. It has a large population of younger residents due to its close proximity to Drexel University.

Queen Village

Just south of Center City Queen Village is a quaint neighborhood bordering Society Hill. Queen Village is also home to young professionals artisans and writers doctors and lawyers as well as families with young children. SEPTA routes and run through the neighborhood. The area has two schools in its bounds. Not necessarily a village fit for a queen this urban neighborhood has experienced a fit of renovation and increasing housing values. His wealth exceeded and was built using both black and white workers. During every festival or concert along the river hoards of people come through the neighbor to get their cars or to access public transportation.


The area is home to a large Irish American population brought together by the local Pennsport Civic Association. Pennsport has four schools in the area. New Year’s Day brings upon it a wonderful day for a family outing The legendary Mummers Parade. Southwark East is one of the original neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The Mummers prepare to stage their events in this area and after the parades return to Two Street for late night parties. Southwark also known as Pennsport is a neighborhood located in the southeastsection of Philadelphia. Other draws to the area is Washington Square Park and Dickinson Square Park. Over the last few years the area has started to improve with recent renovations of houses and parks as well as the introduction of new smaller businesses and a farmers market.

University City

At any hour of the day groups of students can be seen walking the streets on their way to or from class or other activities. This neighborhood boasts education. A special line called TheLoop takes students around the area so they can get to classes that aren’t in walking distance. There may be a lot of students due to all the schools but University City is a place that will take your breath away if you’ve never entered it before. Penn has initiated the PennAlexander a primary school for young families with children. Rent varies from place to place but there are always coshares and subleases posted on campus and websites so it is relatively easy to find a place that fits your needs. And watch the potholes they sneak up on you in this area.

Fairmount/Art Museum

Fairmount is a neighborhood just north of Center City. The Fairmount and Art Museum neighborhoods feature some of the most picturesque streets in Philly with brownstone and tree lined streets. The Fairmount neighborhood is one of the nicest residential sections of Philadelphia with newly renovated row homes. Fairmount is surrounded by amazing architecture like that of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Eastern State Penitentiary. There is a lot to do around Fairmount as it is close to the Parkway the hub of museums in Philadelphia but there are also small coffee shops and dining establishments throughout the neighborhood. Overall Fairmount is great neighborhood to visit all year round if you can’t afford to live there.

Passyunk Square

A South Philadelphia neighborhood Passyunk Square is named for Passyunk Avenue which runs diagonally through the city. In Passyunk Square there is shopping and restaurants everywhere. Passyunk Square is home of the great cheese steak battle of Philadelphia. Passyunk Square is a thriving neighborhood in Philadelphia. The two cheesesteak kings can be found on the corner of th Street and Passyunk Ave. Located east of Broad Street between Tasker and Washington Passyunk Square is named for Passyunk Avenue a street that runs diagonally amongst the Philadelphia grid. Passyunk in Philadelphia is a typical urban neighborhood which reminds you of Greenwich Village in New York. Passyunk is a neighborhood located in South Philadelphia.

Society Hill

Society Hill earns its name this expensive neighborhood bordering Old City is modern day high society. The School District of Philadelphia zones children to two schools one of which is inside Society Hill. In Society Hill the traffic can be very annoying. Society Hill is a lovely neighborhood with an old and new city feel that can put you into a trance. Old world charm abounds with streets of cobblestone and row houses of brick. Society Hill is a pricey neighborhood located in Center City Philadelphia. Society Hill is one of the safer neighborhoods in Philadelphia. If you enjoy a cozy neighborhood that also features the fun of the city Society Hill is perfect for you.

East Mount Airy

But is a very good area. The area between Septas R and Stenton Avenue is particularly nice. Heading northward East Mount Airy is a neighborhood to the east or right of Germantown Avenue. Divided from West Mount Airy by the avenue known as Germantown East Mount Airy is considered the working class section of the area. It is almost as though it is in competition with the esteemed West Mount Airy. There are groups like East Mount Airy Neighbors which addresses issues and concerns of the area as well as planning events. Mount Airy is near many public and private schools like William Penn Charter School Pennsylvania School for the Deaf as well as colleges and universities like Philadelphia University and La Salle University. All of which can be accessed by car of public transportation.

Graduate Hospital

This Southwest Center City neighborhood is gentrification at its finest it is a quick tenminute walk from the hustle and bustle of the Rittenhouse shops and restaurants but if you will also find shops restaurants and hidden getaways right in GHo as locals affectionately call it. This is largely because the local Penn Graduate Hospital is within the areas boundaries. Several institutions call the area home including Graduate Hospital Marian Anderson Memorial Home and Park and The Philadelphia Tribune. And the Frederick Douglas Memorial Hospital and Training was established on Lombard Street. As well public transportation is easily accessible. Trendy cafes and bistros have sprung up where the nightclubs once held court. There are a few notable bars in Southwest Center City including Grace Tavern and the Side Car.

Point Breeze

In recent years however this neighborhood has begun to thrive once again. Transportation is not a problem. Traffic isn’t too much of a problem through the neighborhood but is quite hectic along the edge on Broad Street. However all the time and effort that has been going into making Point Breeze a nice place to live has been well worth it. And really there are a lot of cool things around like Melrose Diner Wharton Park and the Tap Room. There’s really no point in stopping for a visit.

East Falls

There is one public school several private schools a number of fitness centers day cares and recreation centers in East Falls making the area desirable for families with young children. However you will find more space for your money than you will with the apartments and row homes in Center City. East Falls is a beautiful portion of Philadelphia. The Falls Center holds many dormitories as well as some businesses for Philadelphia University. There is also one public school and two private schools in the East Falls area for schoolage children. It is conveniently located equidistant to Center City and City Line Avenue address to a number of media outlets. Currently the School District of Philadelphia is renovating Mifflin School for million. East Falls is a neighborhood located in the Northwest section of Philadelphia.


Holmesburg is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Northeast. There are plenty of recreational facilities in the vicinity such as the Holmesburg Recreational Center James Ramp Memorial Playground and Pennypack Park. However there is the Holmesburg Shopping Center which includes stores like Family Dollar Rite Aid China Moon Restaurant and Advance Auto Parts. With the surrounding parks Holmesburg has an urban and suburban feel to it. Holmesburg is also the site of the Philadelphia Prison System which includes several correctional centers and facilities. Holmesburg is a neighborhood located in Northeast Philadelphia. There are some very pretty areas of Holmesburg including Pennypack Creek. The neighborhood also features two creational facilities including James Ramp Memorial Playground and Holmesburg Recreation Center located at the intersection of Rhawn Street and Diamond Street.

Bella Vista

The lines are always long at these hot spots on weekends but are well worth the wait. There is access to three elementary schools and one high school in the School District of Philadelphia and the Free Library of Philadelphia has a branch in Bella Vista. Bella Vista is a wonderful little neighborhood and actually the first to be settled in by Italian immigrants. Do you have a passion for cooking with fresh ingredients Are you an aficionado for open air markets Then the Bella Vista also known as the Italian Market District would be the place for you to make a home. Fresh air markets operate from midweek to the weekend offering the essential goods and exotic accents. So be prepared to get stuck in a few mini traffic jams or change lanes often.