Being one of the safest communities in Chicago as well as having some of the best schools in the city make it a perfect place to raise a family. Beverly is a visually interesting area of Chicago in part because it has a few hills which is definitely a rarity in the city. Overall the area is largely Irish and it is one of the more affluent areas of the city. Beverly is a traditionally Irish neighborhood on the far south side. But they’re actual neighborhood Irish pubs unlike the McIrish bars that are all over neighborhoods like Lakeview. It is a quaint Irish village within the City. Beverly does not have the housing turnover that some other Chicago neighborhoods have. Beverly and Irish Chicago are pretty much synonymous. It’s a great place to raise a family.

The Loop

The closest actual residential areas are either north south or west of the loop. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is in the Loop too. If you re into the hustle and bustle of city life the Loop is the area to find it. The Loop is the nickname given to the heart of the city. This is the heart of Chicago and where the hustle and bustle of the Windy City truly lives. The Loop is likely the best place to feel that you are in the midst of the city skyline architecture towers over you including the Sears Tower FYI much of this area was leveled by s Great Chicago Fire making room for much of what is here today. The Block Party attracts many local residents and local visitors from all over the city.

Near North Side

The near north side includes the Gold Coast Streeterville and River North neighborhoods. Most local residents do not mind sharing it with the hordes of tourists and travelers. One of the most expensive and sought after neighborhoods in town the Near North Side is without question one of the biggest tourists draws in the city as well as being one of the most fun. Even if shopping is not your thing you must include the Near North in a trip to Chicago. CabriniGreen was once the home of the city’s most renowned housing projects which have since been demolished in attempts at gentrification. Food is incredibly as well. Second City is located here if you have not been to one of their shows go.

Forest Glen

Another neighborhood is Sauganash a relatively quiet area known for having numerous churches as well as the Forest Glen neighborhood itself. Few areas help outline just how uniquely diverse of a city Chicago is better than a trip to Forest Glen. The average sales price for a three bedroom single-family home in Forest Glen neighborhood is around and the price for a four or five bedroom house ranges between and. Forest Glen is certainly one of the nicest and richest parts of the city. Overall without question Forest Glen is one of the nicest places to live in the city. Compared to the rest of the city Forest Glen is on the up-and-up it’s a VERY stable place where residents are generally either as comfortable as or more comfortable than the rest of Chicago.

Marquette Park

It is a pretty decent neighborhood working class to middle class. While the neighborhood was once not very safe it has seen significant improvement the last few years. Marquette Park used to be a mostly Eastern European neighborhood one side of my family is from the area and I have some relatives that still live there. First thing to note about Marquette Park is that in the past it was not a particularly safe neighborhood. The other outdoor activity worth mention is the Marquette Park Golf Course. Dining in Marquette Park is mostly characterized by Lithuanian food. I m a big fan of delis and bakeries and this one is pretty good. There is also a nine-hole golf course on this side which I hear is not the most clear-cut of courses.


Close to the lake excellent restaurants theaters music venues and much more Edgewater is the place to be I ve lived in Edgewater Lakewood Balmoral Historic District for years we’ve raised children here and we love it We walk to Clark St Andersonville shopping restaurants Bryn Mawr Ave. Given the wealth of amenities proximity to Lake Michigan and reasonable home prices I agree with Chicago Magazine that Lakewood Balmoral and Edgewater is the best neighborhood in Chicago Edgewater is a very cool neighborhood that is also very far north. Hopleaf bar is one of the original gastropubs a trend that s really exploded in the city recently. It gets much less crowded there than at the beaches closer to downtown which I refuse to go to.


TriTaylor is a PERFECT neighborhood right off of Polk Western. This is a great neighborhood for families with kids since there is a grade school and high school in walking distance. We moved into the neighborhood after living in several West Loop lofts for a number of years. Overall we could not have made a better decision to move to TriTaylor the furthest neighborhood still considered part of the Near West Side. This neighborhood is also home to some of the best high schools in the city. All in all I love the neighborhood TriTaylor is the neighborhood near University of Illinois at Chicago in the West Loop.

Hyde Park

Jackson Park is halfway in the Hyde Park neighborhood. First and foremost Hyde Park is home to The University of Chicago. The University of Chicago Law School is also situated in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is the home of the University of Chicago. Hyde park is an interesting area. Obviously the first thing to mention about Hyde Park is the University of Chicago which is in the neighborhood. Overall I find Hyde Park to be a great neighborhood. Like many urban Chicago neighborhoods Hyde Park has had its ups and downs. In general Hyde Park is still the beautiful neighborhood it used to be. Hyde Park is one of the historic areas in Chicago. Hyde Park is located on the South Side of Chicago.


Chicago’s trendies have made Bucktown the place to be. The people who guide and direct this neighborhood are on the ball A person can be close to the Loop accessible to real restaurants like Rios DSudamerica home of the all you can eat Peruvian feast buffet on Sundays legitimate raise a little hell nightlife as well as enjoy cultural events and organizations parks and attractions. It begins at Club Lucky which you sort of have to love. Bucktowns Metra Train stop is located at N Ashland. In the modern era creative types are sharing Bucktown with college kids and young families and of course the immigrant community that was there even before they were as well as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

Logan Square

It is certainly one of the more picturesque areas in the city. I should also mention that a walk is also nice because of the safety of the neighborhood. It’s been very slowly changing since hipster kids started moving in. It really sucks that with development comes higher prices and a less diverse population. Yet Logan Square does have some things going for it. With a rich history cultural diversity and a hip vibe Logan Square is certainly a popular Chicago neighborhood. Within the boundaries of Logan Square are the neighborhoods of Bucktown and Palmer Square. It is central enough to everything happening that those who love to have a good time call it home but yet it is removed enough to make city living tolerable. There are different cultures interacting together to bring this fantastic neighborhood to life.


Dunning has a great atmosphere and is one of the safer neighborhoods in the city. It makes for an excellent place to live for people with a lot of different economic backgrounds to live. There is some excellent food and while there aren’t the famous restaurants that you might find in other places. A larger neighborhood which encompasses Belmont Heights Irving Woods Schorsch Village and The Villa Dunning is mostly a residential area that has undergone much growth. Visitors to Dunning might be inclined to come here for one of the many restaurants parks golf courses or other points of interest. Also of note are the many eateries which include the famous Elis Cheesecake Factory. Dunning also has shopping and many nice homes or apartments. I love MY street and hope you’ll visit MY neighborhood one day


Uptown may be best known for the music venues. Uptown is THE most diverse neighborhood in all of Chicago. There are escape tunnels and everything. Uptown is a popular North Side neighborhood in Chicago. Also the Uptown area is home to many immigrant neighborhoods such as Little Vietnam and New Chinatown. Home to many of Chicago’s most renowned and historic entertainment venues Uptown is an exciting and vibrant area. Other entertainment hot spots in the Uptown neighborhood include the Aragon Ballroom and the Riviera Theater both of which are popular music venues. The Uptown area encompasses a set of several neighborhoods but at its core the Uptown area is an extremely popular tourist destination. The Green Mile Jazz club The Uptown Theater and several other concert and jazz arenas are located in the area.

Goose Island

This island is right on the Chicago River. You might have heard of Goose Island brewery. Goose Island does indeed have some pretty decent beer. Long ago Goose Island was a place that Irish squatters inhabited. It was known as Goose Island because of the migratory geese that inhabited the island. Goose Island Shrimp House has awesome takeout shrimp dishes maybe the best in the entire city. And since the island is home to breweries you can stop into places like the well named gastropub Goose Island and leave very happy. If you like beer you ll enjoy Goose Island immensely. Goose Island is an actual island located along the north branch of the Chicago River and the North Branch Canal. Its major product BEER Goose Island has become synonymous with the Goose Island Brewery and Pub.

Roscoe Village

Of course it’s not as good as food far west south and north. But it has some good spots. Turquoise is really great Middle Eastern food. I do not need to leave the neighborhood for good food. But you can go out of RV just a block or two and the next door neighborhoods have good food too. I’ve had a handful of experiences in Roscoe Village and for the most part they have been good. Overall Roscoe Village is very nice. Beat Kitchen has good food and live music almost every day. There are a lot of trendy spots where you can get really good food on Roscoe Street. Another great thing about Roscoe Village is that you can easily find parking usually. By far the most prominent part of the Village is Roscoe Street.

Near West Side

The United Center area is still more run down and has been somewhat dangerous for a long time. This area has historically been a real hub of activity as it was home to Little Italy Greek Town and lively Maxwell Street. This area has a very distinct feel that you probably won’t find too many other places. No doubt more than one dining excursion to this area is required other area highlights include the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame and the Hull House area. Numerous restaurants line both sides of Halsted Street the center of this area. The Fulton Market district has evolved from a produce market area to a dense residential area of townhomes and high-rises.


Bridgeport is a great neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. It is still a mostly Irish neighborhood with some influx of other cultures to give it a diverse feel. Bridgeport is a fairly populated area on the near South Side of Chicago. Historically Bridgeport was a predominately Irish area but today there are large Asian and Hispanic communities as well. If you’re looking for what Chicago is REALLY like look no further than Bridgeport. This neighborhood is a breeding ground for Chicago politicians including both Mayor Daleys. Bridgeport is White Sox territory. U.S. Cellular Field home of the Chicago White Sox is often thought to be geographically located in Bridgeport. The stadium is actually located one block to the east in the Armour Square community area. Bridgeport is quintessentially Chicago.

Lincoln Park

Overall without question Lincoln Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Lincoln Park is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Chicago. The Lincoln Park area of Chicago is one of the more sought after residential areas of the city. One of the area and the city’s must see spots is the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I love Lincoln Park I think it is a fantastic area. My favorite part of Lincoln Park is its anchor the actual Lincoln Park. As far as visuals go Lincoln Park is spectacular. Lincoln Park is a neighborhood in Chicago that just screams of how important location really is. For all of the neighborhoods in the City of Chicago I don’t know of any others that offers more than Lincoln Park. You can’t beat Lincoln Park

North Center

I feel like you could really raise a family there and I know a lot of the younger professional crowd as started to flock there although I wouldn’t say it has that much to hold my interest. I’ve mostly been to the bars in the area. They have a museum too. Poking around here One of the North Centers most popular areas is Roscoe Village which is often cited for its interesting architecture. The number of restaurants and entertainment options is one of the big reasons that the North Center and areas like Roscoe Village stand out. North Center is a popular area which also encompasses Roscoe Village and St. Bens. The boundaries of North Center are Ravenswood Avenue on the east the Chicago River on the west Montrose Avenue on the north and Diversey Parkway on the south.


Chinatown is one of my favorite Chicago Neighborhoods. People move in and stay in Chinatown. Without question most people come to Chinatown for the food. I’d say Chinatown is also one of the safest neighborhoods in the city mainly because it’s such a tourist draw. Overall Chinatown is a great place. However the Chinatown in Chicago stands out as one of the more interesting areas of the entire city. It is most certainly one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago and a must see for anyone in the area. Its rich history and exciting landmarks make Chinatown a favorite for almost all Chicago natives and visitors. Chinatown is simply a one of a kind neighborhood with a charm all its own. The Chinatown neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side is anchored by the intersection of Cermak Road and Wentworth Avenue.

Garfield Ridge

Great for raising a family fantastic neighborhood spirit and lots of community fun where everyone watches out for each other. If you re in search of a community that takes neighborhood watch seriously Garfield Ridge is the place for you. Not great for singles students and certainly not the place for hipsters Garfield Ridge is most definitely the place for families. With a degree of safety that other areas simply can’t compete with Garfield Ridge is convenient and a great place to settle down. The area sits close to Midway Airport and has seen some serious revitalization because of it. Midway can create some significant traffic and noise in the area so people who don’t like noise and a great deal of traffic will find the area annoying and difficult to live in.