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Universal Home Protection Review

Universal home protection Warranty Company has been in existence since 1992 and it has been known for making profits every year. The company employs enough staff to help them conduct their business consistently and so that their customers become completely satisfied.

The Good

The company offers home warranty customer service in the best way and they make sure that the customers are satisfied. They cover almost everything in your home and they make sure that even the small appliances are covered. The price is very affordable as well and they make sure that their customers are comfortable with the prices because they realize that they need to get good value for their money. Another thing is that they offer round the clock service and they do so because they want to stand out from the rest and make sure they are there for their customers no matter the time.

The Bad

There are some negative reviews that the company gets from its customers. They have a habit of telling customers that some of the items that get damaged had pre existing conditions. This has angered a lot of customers because it is something that has been experienced by most customers and they have been on the receiving end of such statements many of them. There are also complaints that the company has a habit of not answering the phone or they put their customers on hold. These are the only issues that the customers complain about and it usually frustrates them a lot and they end up giving negative reviews.

Bottom Line

Generally the company comes very highly recommended because a lot of customers say they get their issues fixed effectively and so they believe the company is actually very reliable. The fact that they are affordable with their cover is another plus and that is one of the reasons they get so many customers compared to other companies and they are well received too. If you are in a dilemma on which company you need to be associated with then this is the one to try out because universal home protection is just that, it protects your home effectively.

There are many companies that offer protection but it is always useful to research first or you can always check out the reviews of each and make sure you compare and see which one fits you the best. The best way though is usually to seek recommendation from people who have already experienced and there you can get to make a final decision.

Universal Home Protection, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2016-01-25T09:22:44+00:00 rating 7.6 out of 10

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