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Stanley Warranty Review

About Stanley Warranty

Stanley Warranty is considered as one of the leading companies that provides a wide range of services. It is involved in the provision of services related to products that provide both warranty and auto protection services. It is a company that gives assistance to homeowners, renters, buyers, and sellers to gain financial stability and to obtain safety. It is a national provider of the products of warranty and home club. In this sense, Stanley Warranty offers protection plans that are designed and meant to provide comprehensive coverage to a number of homes and their major equipment. Some of these include the A/C heating heat pump. The coverage area of the company encompasses the United States and Canada, hence the entire continent with the exception of those areas that are prohibited by different regulations and local rules.

Why choose Stanley Warranty

There are a number of things that have been found to be good about the company.
Such as the guarantee that a home warranty system and products that are transferred to the new homeowner immediately the property is sold. The promise of excellent home repair systems

Packages and features

At Stanley Warranty multiple protection plans are offered for residential areas: These are offered as part of the benefits as well as custom industrial and commercial plans. As protection plans, they help in the coverage that is comprehensive to most of the mechanical systems in homes, major appliances and equipment in addition to several other items. Coverage plans that are meant for real estates of the commercial and industrial sectors. Usually, these are evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to achieve the main purpose of the warranty coverage.

Negative effects

Despite these positive features and benefits related to the Stanley warranty company as a home warranty company there are a number of related drawbacks and negative effects related to their provision of services. They are related to poor customer post that have been presented in the form of poor services and response methods.

Some of these are

  1. The lack of appropriate payment on their service men that are hired to perform repair services on several devices. However, they are not paid on time and keep making follow ups for their payments.
  2. The presence of hidden terms. Other people have also reported their complaints about the actions of the Stanley Warranty. They are related to the failure to honor the warranty by not accepting an invitation to repair various equipment upon which warranty was taken.
  3. It is claimed that they do not conduct repair services that are caused by other faults that result from gadgets and equipment upon which warranty was not taken. In this way, their warranty terms are not clearly stated out.
  4. Poor communication: A number of customers have made claims that the Stanley Warranty is not appropriate for customers whose phone calls go unanswered even in the case of emergency services or the need for help. They have been shown to have an inconsistent customer service and do not return calls when their services are needed.
  5. It is difficult to get a refund of the premiums which are continually deducted even with the lack of service provision.
  6. Summary

    Some of the advantages of choosing this company for your home or auto warranty include the lack of inclusion of a service fee or a deductable. In addition, with the possession of expertise and extensive skills and experience in numerous real estate as well as other service industries, they are the best option in giving high quality service with the greatest understanding of your needs as a consumer. It is also a reputable company with many years of accumulated knowledge that will help them to provide you with the most satisfactory services.
    However, it is clear that there are a number of shortcomings in the services provided at Stanley Warranty if you are planning to buy or sell a house in the near future, and placing them in your list of consideration. Though they promise you the protection and benefits with the highest peace of mind you may need to perform more research before you take the step to call or e-mail them.

Stanley Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 3.6 out of 10

3 Reviews for "Stanley Warranty"

  1. Peter
    July 18, 2014, 11:53 pm

    Stanley Warranty is the worst possible home warranty company. The clients have to pay full price at the beginning and when Stanley does not do repairs, it’s practically impossible to get you money back. My previous request for repair took a couple of weeks, and my present claim was not answered at all. Stanley’s customer service and especially claims department do not answer the phone calls or emails. It’s practically impossible to get to a person.

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  2. Paula
    October 5, 2014, 11:15 pm

    Is it possible to leave less than 1 star? We prepaid over $2900 for the gold plan on 2 properties plus add on coverage. We have claims over 9 months old that they still haven’t sent out technicians for. We are being sent bills from the techs that did come out saying that Stanley isn’t paying them. The contract states that if it’s over 95 degrees out that emergency coverage applies and they will get someone out to service the air conditioning, but it’s been over 110 degrees where we live and they still haven’t sent someone out. They tell us to fill out another claim on the same issue when it goes over 30 days and no one has come out, but then they tell us that we have too many claims in so they aren’t coming out. Admin called me and said that if I send a letter stating that the review company can take down our negative review then they will stand behind the contract and honor our claims, but I sent in the letter 2 months ago and they still have not sent the techs out to either property for the issues. They fabricate information and send to the Better Business Bureau stating that they’ve taken care of and paid all of the claims. They owe us reimbursement of $600 for a multi thousand dollar furnace (that they should have covered fully) over 9 months and still haven’t sent the check out. Any time we try to contact them, they say that we’re under “Administrative Review” which means that no rep needs to help us anymore, but not only that, customers are not allowed to speak with Admin., so there is no end in sight. Leaves the homeowners absolutely helpless and at their mercy with no hope for assistance. They contact we received from Admin was to tell us that they were absolutely insulted at our review and that we are ungrateful but if we take down the negative review that they will cover the claims and send out techs within 24 hours… that was 2+ months ago and still no action so don’t fall for their “deal”. They get the letter in order to delete the negative review and then don’t follow up with their promise to service you. So sad, frustrating and a complete waste of a lot of money ๐Ÿ™

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  3. Sean Cooper
    February 12, 2015, 2:04 am

    DO NOT go with Stanley Warranty. Biggest scam ever! No customer service! Can’t get people to schedule appointment or cancel service. Had no problem signing up, but ever since then terrible!

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