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Service Line Warranties Review

Who is the company?

Service Line Warranties is a privately owned company that is in the business of optional water, gas, and sewer service line warranties. The company targets homeowners with its services. It provides repairs and replacement to the homeowners for their water and sewer line services. The company provides its services in areas where the city crews or the local governments will have failed or are not held accountable. The company is highly ranked in this area of service provision being the major player in water and sewer service warranties for municipalities as well.
Service Line Warranties denoted by the abbreviations SLWA operates under the umbrella of Utility Service Partners. The company has its headquarters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and operates in many areas in the United States.

Why Service Line Warranties?

There are a number of reasons that make this company attractive to homeowners. The main reasons are the experience of the company in offering the kind of services, the cost of offering the water and sewer warranty services, the variety of services that are covered by the warranty, the quality of the service, and the time it takes for the company to react to a need in sewer, gas, and water services.

Member of Better Business Bureau and endorsed by the National League of Cities

Service Line Warranties Company became a member of Better Business Bureau in 2003 ensuring that it offers standard services. The company is also an accredited service company in sewer and water services by many organizations and municipalities. The company is recognized in 175 municipalities and is endorsed by the National Leagues of Cities. The league represents 218 million Americans.

Cost effective service delivery

Enlisting the services of Service Line Warranties will enable you to access services in gas, water, and sewer reconnection at an affordable fees. The company offers affordable rates for services that would have cost more than $6000 depending on the required repair or replacement. If you enlist with SLWA, you can access a variety of warranty services for a low fixed monthly price.

Time saving

The City of San Diego has recognized SLWA to be among the companies with the highest response in utility restoration services. Most of the municipalities recognize the SLWA for its fast response when reacting to calls. Homeowners who are covered by the company will benefit from the time saved in response time and repair time.

SLWA offers quality service

With quality service, you get peace of mind and value for your money. SLWA is known to offer quality services when it comes to repairs and restoration of the utility services. The company was awarded the Better Business Bureau (BBB) torch award for quality service in 2013. The company is also been recognized by the National League of Cities for its quality service.


The company covers a variety of services with the warranty

Through the SLWA, you will have your gas, sewer and water services covered. In the event any of the utility systems breaks down, the same warranty will cover your home. You get peace of mind for various utility services with SLWA.


What Service Line Warranties can do for you

With a Service Line Warranties warranty, your gas, sewer, and water services will be covered. Any breakdown in any of the said areas will be covered by a common package that is paid monthly. Contractors will be sent and supervised by the company to ensure that continuity in service of the gas, sewer or water line services for your house.



    • Service Line Warranties is a member of better business bureau and is endorsed by the National League of Cities
    • Offers Cost effective service delivery
    • Time saving
    • Quality service
    • Variety of services covered in the warranty




      • does not cover breakdowns that are outside your home even if it affects your system if the municipality does not have a warranty


      • Third party actions are not covered

Final thoughts

One of the complexities of owning a home are the hurdles that come with some of the most essential service line which are gas, water, and sewer services. You have to get professionals with experience in such areas to assist. The best option for this kind of service with wide experience is SLWA. Despite the shortcomings, the warranty company is recognized for its role in quality service delivery.

Service Line Warranties, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 10

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  1. Jacqueline Williams
    August 2, 2018, 12:31 pm

    Plumbing issues tub drain slow, kitchen sink won’t drained there is and it’s smelled
    Kitchen and bathroom as soon as possible. I enroll in your exterior water service coverage this how soon can service began. I m a senior on at fixs income.I received your application July. I mailed it off August. I would like to pay the 63.00 per.yearbe enrolled in your service line program. Thank you Jacqueline Williams.

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