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Platinum Home Warranty Review

The Good

If you intend to make home ownership easy and less intimidating, then there is a couple of reasons why you should consider Platinum Home Warranty. This is a company that has been providing warranty services to quite a great number of people. One of the things you will definitely like about this company is that they attend to clients all through regardless the time of the day. It is as simple as calling them at any given time and your concern will be addressed.

This means that should anything break in your home, a service man from Platinum will always be at your disposal. This is indeed a great advantage since you will not require paying a great amount of money consulting other servicemen. All you require is paying a flat rate to this company and you will have all your problems addressed in the most convenient way.

Another advantage that comes with Platinum Home Warranty is that it covers a wide range of things in your home. As a matter of fact, the company ensures that everything in your home that is prone to damage while in use is covered. Such things include dishwashers, plumbing, electrical, heaters among others. Important to note, it is for you to decide the kind of things that you want Platinum Home Warranty to cover for you. This is because the company provides you with different policies to choose from.

Another great thing about Platinum Home Warranty is that it is BBB accredited. This gives the company an advantage since people easily builds trust in it. Note that home warranty companies which lack accreditation from bodies such as BBB are not credible in the eyes of people hence not the best to deal with.

The Bad

Since inception, Platinum Home Warranty has faced a couple challenges and has also received complaints from their clients. One of the key complaints about this company is that they are not so good in following up issues with regard to their clients. The attendants in the company can at times refer you to your realtor instead of addressing your problem themselves.

There is also a different complaint that the company’s staff lacks enough professionalism in what they do. Failure to address your problems effectively is an indication that the services provided in this company are not based on professionalism.

Bottom Line

Although the company has more things on the good side as compared to the bad, it is greatly recommended that you be keen when seeking their services. Be sure to scrutinize the company thoroughly before you decide hiring their services.

Platinum Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2016-01-24T15:39:44+00:00 rating 2.7 out of 10

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