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Landmark Home Warranty Review

What is landmark home warranty?

This is a question that most of the home owners, real estate professionals and property managers ask for uncountable times. To address this question we shall first look at what is home warranty? Home warranty is similar to home insurance only that home warranty covers major home appliances while insurance covers the unforeseen disasters which happen on rare cases. For home warranty; the event is foreseen and its occurrence is guaranteed since the appliances will undergo wear and tear in one time or the other. Home warranty comes in to cover the cost of replacement or repair of appliances that have been affected by wear or tear. They include heating systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems and other major facilities such as swimming pools. All these appliances are covered under home warranty.

Good things about landmark home warranty

  • Landmark home warranty is highly preferred by home owners because as from the past; the company is known by approving over 97% of customer claims. These statistics can be found through their customer post where almost all the customers have been served for their claims with high quality services.
  • The company provides more coverage for value of your money. This company covers the whole of you’re A/C system without limit even when your amount may not be enough to cover the whole system.
  • Landmark home warranty is the top ranked company in home warranty service provision due to their services that leaves their customers satisfied beyond expectations.
  • Efficiency and effective service provision- this company’s staff are always standing by waiting for your call. They are very effective in service provision. For their call response; they have the best team of customer care representative who always stand by to answer your call with just the first ring.
  • The only home warranty company known in giving back to the community. This company is a nonprofit making company whose work is to help the less fortunate families in the society.


Why landmark home warranty.

There are many reasons as to why you should consider getting your home warranty services from this company. They include

  • This company offers the best rates in the market. Landmark home warranty does not only offer the best rates in the market but also covers your appliances to full coverage. The company offers cover to the maximum value of your money. According to most of the customers covered by this company says that it is worth paying for the cover.
  • No records of failing the customer at a time of need. It is extremely rare case for this company to turn down your claim. Statistic shows that only 3% of the claim has been turned down since the inception of this company.
  • Plays a great role in community building by participating in community projects such as providing life supporting amenities to the physically challenged children. By purchasing their services you contribute indirectly to this noble course.


Key features and packages and what the company can do for you.

  • The company can contribute highly to providing sustainable quality of life by eliminating the cost of repairing and installing new appliances in homes under their cover. The home owners do not have to worry about repairing the worn out appliances or replacing them with new ones since landmark home warranty is there to handle the task.
  • Some of the major packages the company offers includes
    • Unlimited central heating system

This includes the main source of heat at home such as gas, electric heater, heat pump, radiant and gas heater.

  • Central air conditioning package
  • Plumbing system package
  • Other appliances that incudes; dish washer, microwaves, kitchen exhaust fan and the trash compactor

Drawbacks of the company

  • Some few complains have been received from the customer and one is that some appliances coverage cost is beyond reach such as that of a swimming pool
  • Only covers appliances that worn out during the time of contract.


Final thoughts

This company is enhances the value of life to both the home owners and the buyers since the buyer are less concerned with additional costs that may arise as a result of wear and tear. The home owners get satisfied with the services and are comfortable while selling their estate as they cannot be sued by the buyers in case an appliance fails to work. The best company for home warranty is the landmark home warranty.

Landmark Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 8.5 out of 10

2 Reviews for "Landmark Home Warranty"

  1. steve swain
    June 8, 2015, 11:42 pm

    I own a property in Pearland Texas that is rented out to friends. They called me as the air conditioning quit working. They had a 3 month old baby who was sweating and would not be able to last due to the heat. As the house was under warranty with Landmark Home Warranty, I called them. Since it was Friday, they stated it was not considered an “emergency” and they would not send anyone out unless the temperature reached 100 degrees for 48 hours straight. I explained the dire situation at the residence, but to no avail. I guess in Texas 90 degrees plus with humidity is not considered an “emergency” to Land mark Warranty.
    Needless to say, they gave me the name of a contractor, who works for them named Kelly and said to call him. He called me back and said he could come out, but I would have to pay for an emergency call.
    I paid him, he came out and fixed the broken air conditioner for approx. $4200. He said Landmark Home Warranty should cover the costs and he would not charge for the upgrade which was included on the invoice. Since Kelly’s air conditioning worked for Landmark Home Warranty, I believed him.
    Not to drag this on, but Landmark Home Warranty offered $250.00 and said there was nothing they could do because they had not approved the emergency work. (Their contractor had and they knew the cost). After reading several reviews on Landmark Home Warranty, it sometimes takes several days or weeks to approve repairs. Case closed. This was like having a car warranty, your transmission goes out and they offer to pay for the spark plugs. Landmark Home Warranty said they were not responsible for charges that fixed the air conditioning.
    Talking to both Kelly and my friends, it would be impossible to have repaired that air conditioning unit for $250 dollars and it would have cost several thousand dollars to get it operational-condenser, freon, coil, etc. Please do not trust Landmark Home Warranty or use their services, especially for any major repair. You will end up paying most of the cost in the end.

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  2. Hosting Italia
    September 9, 2016, 9:55 pm

    Thanks, Landmark Home Warranty! You can’t make my day any better because despite what’s in my contract, you guys find ways to screw people over one way or another. Rude rude rude.

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