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Home Warranty of America Review

Who is home warranty of America?

Home warranty of America or the HWA prides of being the top leading company in home repairs solutions in America. It provides a wide range of high quality solutions by managing the rising cost of home maintenance and home appliances repairs.

Why would i need a warranty with insurance?

The kind of warranty provided here is not like the home insurance policy. It is important to understand from the beginning the mandate of home warranty to avoid futures frustrations. Insurance policy covers the appliances that are already broken. Home warranty deals with the normal process of aging and ware out of appliances which is a costly repair and maintenance process. Most of home warranties available in the market only covers the basic part of home warranty without providing services for the crucial appliances in your home. Home warranty of America offers services beyond the obvious trend by protecting their customers against the rising cost of home and appliances repair.

Home warranty of America’s Pros

  • The HWA offers a low deductible.
  • Offers convenient and realistic time to operationalize the contract. This takes around 30 days from enrollment.
  • The company will help you save a lot of money which otherwise would not be saved
  • Provides an avenue where you can just service your appliances at partial cost of the original cost of appliances
  • Helps in reducing home owners’ worries of purchasing a home.
  • Protects the home owner from being sued by buyers due to lack of disclosure of a certain defect at the time of sale and purchase of a home.


Why Home warranty of America?

There are various reason as to why you should make this company the number one choice when it comes to home warranty

Most notably:

  • The company offers several options and customize-able packages flexible enough to fit all your home warranty needs. Through highly qualified and experienced experts; HWA offers services of the highest quality. It is also possible to check out sample contracts through the cost and coverage menu.
  • Charges a little amount on calling for service contractor to check your home for problems. This is only charged after the contractor checks on your home.
  • Most of the appliances are covered at a cost way below their original cost. For example a dish washer worth $ 600 will be covered at only $50. In replacement; the customer is highly favored because for something like the air conditioning system worth over $1000, can be replaced at only $200.
  • The HWA values quality than anything else. This comes hand in hand with quality and customer satisfying services. Most of the companies offering home warranty products ends up burdening their clients with additional fee. HWA is the only company that provides flexible rates for their services.
  • It is possible to take advantage of offer and discount policies especially for major appliances which when they broke may cost higher than the premium paid occasionally.


Packages that the company offers

The company covers wide range of appliances including the air condition systems, HVAC units, plumbing systems, electrical wiring and dish washers. These items are covered under one common package mostly known as the green plus package. In this package; equipment are usually replaced with energy star products to ensure that the safety of environment is well taken care of. The company provides high flexibility by offering customized service and therefor offers individualized packages.

Drawbacks of the company

  • ·One of this companies drawbacks is that it does not cover pre-existing conditions just like other home warranty service providing companies. The company only considers the damages that happens during the effective time of the contract.
  • Another drawback is that the company does not cover conditions that arises from maintenance negligence. When you call for an expert; they evaluates the condition at which claim is made and decides upon the existence of the repair. It is recommended that you should produce all the maintenance and repair receipts for a fair consideration.

Final thoughts

Home warranty of America has become the most popular company providing home warranty services due to the unique types of services they offer. This does not only include their high quality services but also their focus to customer satisfaction and price flexibility. For customers who value efficiency and cost minimization; this is always the priority number one company. By comparing prices between companies you find that; this is the best company offering the best prices.

Home Warranty of America, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 8.1 out of 10

2 Reviews for "Home Warranty of America"

  1. Israel Lefler
    August 19, 2014, 2:27 am

    Worse company ever. Do not buy warranty from them. They will use cheap contractor and they will denay your calim due to pre existing conditions or rust causing the failure. Save you money and get someone else. They sent us an AC contract that done work that they did not approved and when we did not agry to pay because the contract did not have our approval the contractor came in the middle of the night and vac all the freon leaving us with no AC at 110 degrees in Las Vegas. Home warranty will not do anything and even justified what the contractor did.

    GD Star Rating
  2. MACY
    February 11, 2015, 2:20 am

    Purchased this home warranty and paid in full .The next day my heater went out with not waiting time I called a claim, an appointment was set the next day. Later they called to cancel the appt saying they won’t cover it due to pre existing issues. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING. I emailed the company several times to CANCEL MY POLICY. Now it only took them seconds to take the money off my credit card. I was notified by email it will take 6 weeks to receive my retund. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DON’T BUY THIS WARRANTY.

    GD Star Rating

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