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Hisco Home Warranty Review

Hisco home warranty is a company that makes sure the buyers get the protection they require when in the market for proper housing and they make sure that all members enjoy affordable pricing.

The Good

The good thing about this company is that they make sure to cover your home appliances which are a very important aspect of home warranty. Appliances such as the home electronics are the ones that are covered and this especially is why the company is most preferred. Another important benefit is the fact that the company conducts 24 hour service and makes sure that you are always in contact with someone whenever you are in need of something from the company. They are always available throughout the day no matter the time. They also offer a home warranty length of one year from the closing date of the sale and the price is really cheap. This is a plus for the company and that is why customers prefer them.

The Bad

Despite them being a 24 hour company a lot of customers have really complained because they do not get their problems efficiently solved. Most customers when they need repairs done on certain appliances they contact the company and the company’s technicians do not get to fix the problem immediately. This has happened so often and the customers say that the technicians who are supposed to fix the problems end up returning for more than 5 times and they do not even get anything fixed. A lot of customers are frustrated by this and even if they try to complain to the company no change is noticed. When you try to get another technician from elsewhere they end up telling you that there are a lot of defects detected and that you need to repair a lot of things. This frustrates the customers and they end up not recommending the company to anyone mostly because of them being unreliable when it comes to fixing issues.

Bottom Line

The company apart from its unreliability when it comes to fixing problems is not so bad. They are the best when it comes to the other benefits they offer, but most customers prefer having an all round company which offers services satisfactorily no matter what. In a general sense though the company is well known and apart from the negative reviews it is still one of the best around because of the pricing which is affordable and benefits which are rare to find elsewhere.

Hisco Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2016-01-20T23:39:09+00:00 rating 1.8 out of 10

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