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Colonial Home Warranty Review

**on March 17th, 2014, Colonial Warranty Group, Inc. file bankruptcy and is no longer in business**

Who is Colonial Home Warranty

Colonial Home Warranty is a Wilmington, DE based home warranty provider. Home warranty cover is a crucial decision to make while buying your home. Not to be confused with home owner’s insurance, this is a policy that offers coverage for regular home maintenance and repair requirements. With an effective home warranty policy, you are covered for repair services for air conditioning, heaters, HVAC units, plumbing and other areas of your home that need constant attention including appliances like washing machines, TVs, refrigerators and others. Thus getting a home warranty could well be the first step in minimizing your stress on these maintenance issues. There are several home warranty companies in the USA. This review looks at the services offered by Colonial Home Warranty.

About Colonial Home Warranty

Colonial Home Warranty has been consistently and satisfactorily serving the needs of American home owners. The company’s home warranty plan covers various major fixtures of your home susceptible to constant repair and maintenance. Depending on the item, Colonial Home Warranty will offer either repair services or replacement, where applicable.
Though on the surface, the company sells home warranty plans, if you look deep, what they are offering is pure peace of mind. Now isn’t that worth all the money in the world…yet

Colonial Home Warranty – Reasonable Prices…A Reason to Buy

Colonial Home Warranty is one of the most competitive players in this market. Their reasonable prices are a strong reason to choose this company
Besides, getting a policy cover from them is as simple as ABC. Give them a call or email them and they will guide you through the entire process. Colonial Home Warranty offers a wide ranging coverage. While some companies are picky and choosy about what they will or will not cover under their home warranty, with this company, the choice is completely up to you. From electrical devices to large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines and smaller appliances including your toaster to full fledged systems such as air conditioners, your furnace and kitchen appliances, there is a plan available for everything.

Working with Top Rated Service Providers

The company prides itself on it’s partnership with the best service providers in the country. It is not easy for service companies or technicians to get registered on their ��approved’ list. Service providers must demonstrate adherence to the highest quality standards. All service partnerships are periodically reviewed to ensure that these standards are always maintained. As a result, you can be assured of the best and most professional services under your Colonial home warranty cover. The company’s extensive connections mean that wherever you are, it is highly likely that a local technician is attending to your problems. This means quick service. No more long endless waiting because the technician was stuck in traffic.

Flexible Packages

Even with their wide range of packages, Colonial Home Warranty offers the most flexible options for you to choose. It is totally your decision what you want to cover. You can mix and match the items you want covered. You can even cover single items. Each home is different and so is each home owner. You know best which of your fixtures and appliances are most likely to give trouble. Colonial Home Warranty respects that and hence offers the most flexible packages to you.
Colonial home warranty is freely available for all homes. Whether you are moving into a new home, a used home, or you want home warranty as part of your deal with the new buyer of your home- these and every other circumstance pertaining to your home is covered by the company. And as a policy, Colonial does not undertake prior home inspection before offering home warranty cover.

Pros and Cons


  • No Prior Home Inspection Needed
  • Extensive Network
  • Wide Range of Services Covered


  • It appears that currently Colonial Home Warranty is passing through a crisis point.
  • At the time of writing this review, online post about Colonial Home Warranty were not very encouraging

Final Thoughts

This may not be the brightest moment in their history, but given the past performance of the company and the trust it has built with its customers, there is no doubt that Colonial Home Warranty will bounce back A home is a huge investment and most likely you are paying monthly mortgages on it. Add to it, regular maintenance issues and sundry repair services, your monthly expenses will shoot through the roof. Count on Colonial Home Warranty to contain those expenses.
Incidentally, the company does cover roof repairs too!

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