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BFS Home Warranty Review

Who is Broward Factory Service?

Broward Factory Service or the BFS prides of being one of the top companies in home repair. They have eighteen offices in five states and all the offices draw upon the corporate expertise available to all the offices but some of the offices emphasis on one service area over the other. The company provides a wide range of high quality solutions by managing the rising cost of home appliances repairs and maintenance. It provides home warranty, heating, ventilation and air condition services and finance services to families in Texas, Arizona, Florida and Nevada.

What they offer

It is good to note that the kind of warranty provided here is not like the home insurance policy. The mandate of home warranty from the beginning is to avoid future frustrations. Insurance policy on the other hand covers appliances that are already broken. Home warranty only deals with the normal process of wear and tear and aging of appliances which is costly maintenance and repair process. Currently, most of the home warranties available in the market only covers the basic home warranty part without provision of services for the crucial appliances in most homes. BFS Home Warranty offers services beyond the normal services offered by protecting their customers against the rising cost of home appliances repairs and maintenance.

Why BFS Home Warranty

There are many reasons why you should make BFS Home Warranty your number one choice when it comes to home appliances warranty. They include:

  • · The company charges less amount on calling for service contractor to check your home for problems. The fee is only charged after the contractor comes to your home and checks it.
  • · It offers many options and customizable services package that are flexible to fit all your home warranty needs. With their high experienced and qualified experts, BFS offers services of high quality. You can check out sample contracts through the coverage and cost menu.
  • · Most of home appliances covered by the company are covered at a low cost from $50. In addition, the customer is highly favored in replacement because an appliance with an original cost of $1000 can be replaced with a cost of $200.
  • · BFS values quality and all the services you h=get from them are of high quality that are satisfying.
  • · It is also possible to take advantage of discount and offers provided by the company especially for high cost appliances that may cost high than the premium paid.

Package that the company offers


BFS Home Warranty covers a wide range of equipment including air conditioning systems, indoor air quality systems, heat pumps, water heaters, financing, gas furnaces, specials and new equipment estimate. Service and repair package include tune-ups, other equipment preventive and repairs. In the packages, equipment are replaced with high quality items with energy star ratings to ensure that environment safety is well taken care of.

Pros of BFS Home Warranty

  • · BFS offers realistic and convenient time in operation of the contract. This takes around thirty days from the date of enrollment of the contract.
  • · It offers the best and lowest deductibles in the market.
  • · The company helps many families to save a lot of money that can be used for other purposes. Otherwise, that money could not have being saved.
  • · It also provides an avenue where you can just service your appliances at a low cost from the original cost of the appliances.
  • · BFS also helps in reducing many people’s worries of purchasing home appliances.
  • · It also protects owners of the home appliances from being sued by buyers because of lack of disclosure of defects at the time of purchase and sale of the appliances.

Cons of BFS Home Warranty

  • · One of the major drawbacks of BFS is that it is not BBB accredited
  • · There have being complaints from customers that they do not resolve complaints when they are filed.
  • · In addition they also have guarantee of their services problem.
  • · Some of their customers have reported problems with their products.
  • · It does not cover conditions that may arise due to personal negligence.


In conclusion, despite the few drawbacks that BFS Home Warranty faces, it has become one of the most popular and quality home warranty services provider in America. They have emphasized so much on customer satisfaction in addition to their quality services and their flexible prices. If you are the kind of customer who values cost minimization and efficiency, BFS Home Warranty should be your number one company.


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