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Allied Home Warranty Review


What is Allied Home Warranty?

Austin based Allied Home Warranty is a home warranty plan homeowners use to offset the replacement and repairs of associated with home ownership. The “Plan” covers most of the homeowner assets that that can have a fault requiring attention. Additional items can be added The coverage and options the homeowner wants are the same desired by the company owners, that’s why the company was founded. Larger items, including pools, washers & dryers, or a stand alone ice maker. A “ No Fault” agreement covers rust, corrosion, and unforeseen pre-existing conditions.

What the Company Can Do For You

Homeownership can save money in the long term, but be very expensive at times. Allied Home Warranty can alleviate some of the initial cost associated with repair that accompanies owning a home. Most of the problems that can happen are covered, importantly the plumbing and electrical, which can easily run intoo the hundred of dollars considering the hourlly rate of a service technician. The items covered in the standard plan will save money for a modest monthly charge and protect the homeowner of every budget from those unseen, costly problems that come from owning a home.

One Page Contract-What’s Included

The one page contract includes the air conditioning, heating, and ductwork covering two systems as well as the necessary seasonal preventive maintainance. Plumbing covers the toilets, faucets, showerheads, water leaks, drains, sewer, gas lines and vents; clogs, stoppages in lines and existing level clean outs are also good in the event of an emergency. The water heater is covered whether it is gas, electric or tankless. Household appliances include oven, range or cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal and trash compacter. Electrical coverage covers breakers, wiring, doorbells, ceiling fans, outlets & switches.and even the garage door opener is also in the list, including the motor, switched, receiver unit and transmitter.

No Fault Plan

The no-fault plan covers items and issues not normally expected or anticipated. Items like rust and corrosion of the items leading to fault or failure and problems related to the items on the contract that occur without warning fall under the coverage.

Additional Items

Additional coverage for permits, access costs and code violations is available of up to two hundred dollars or four hundred dollars. Additional appliances can include the refrigerator, built-in wine cooler (up to 100 bottles), a washer and dryer, or stand-alone icemaker. The primary heating pumping and filtration of pools and spas is an available option and coverage on a well pump as primary water source also. Coverage of the septic system includes the jet, pump ejector and one pumping.

Plus 200 & Plus 400 Coverage

One interesting additional option in the Plus 200 & Plus 400 coverage. For those items that require greater attention, such as a pool or spa which can be covered, there may be additional charges to access the site, get a permit or satisfy code violations. This additional coverage would benefit the homeowner in those situations where the city demands a fee. Offsetting costs being the concern, avoiding some of those costs can be well worth the initial investment of the contract.


  • Simple One page contract
  • No-Fault Protection
  • Mutliple Coverage Levels


  • the Better Businesss Bureau notes some service related complaints
  • After hours service may be additional cost
  • Replacement appliances may not match in color or size
  • Written consent is required for all work to avoid out of pocket costs.

Final Thoughts

Allied Home Warranty Can Protect the Pocketbook

  1. Easy to read, one page contract simplifies understanding and potential issues
  2. Basic plans covers most of the homeowner damage problems, including replacment
  3. “No Fault” Coverage covers unknown pre-existing issues
  4. Add on coverage for items some owners find essential
  5. Plus 200 & Plus 400 can help with related costs
Allied Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 3.8 out of 10

1 Review for "Allied Home Warranty"

  1. Mark Netoskie
    July 17, 2015, 5:59 pm

    I have had several home warranty providers but this was by far the worst. Although their operators are fine and requests get into the system relatively smoothly, the providers of service are not competent. For example, A/C repair companies that do not carry parts/coolant or are not even familiar with the equipment that they install–resulting in the need for multiple service calls and inconvenience. They are unwilling to use other service providers when issues cannot be resolved. Although not uncommon, they seem to find a reason to bail on more expensive repairs and offer a replacement with the least costly option or you pay what is often a significant difference for the same brand/quality. Oh, although they cannot often find a repairman in a reasonable time, they will gladly offer you urgent service same day at double the service fee. It seems funny that they can always get that person for you! Bottom line, look for another home warranty company!!

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