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Advantage Home Warranty Review

**This company has gone out of business**

Advantage Home Warranty is a top quality home inspection company based in South Carolina.

The company was among the first home inspection companies in this area. It later developed to Advantage home warranty after innovations which discovered the need to offer home warranty to the home owners in this area. It was based on mechanical, electrical and structural home inspection which discovered the need to provide extensive home transaction policy.

The good

  • Protects the buyer from incurring added cost of repair and replacement over the purchase cost of a home
  • Protects home owners from expensive home repairs
  • For the breakage; the home owners work is to call the company which repairs or replaces within a reasonable duration
  • The company takes care of getting the professional to handle the repair.
  • Advantage home warranty offers some coverage with special limits. For example roof covering extends up to $ 500.

The Bad

The company puts limits to the far they cover any appliances. This is discouraging since the home owner has to bear some part of the cost if an appliance requires more money than the covered amount.

Claims that the company is inefficient in repair service deliverance and payment to the contractors. This may lead to clients loosing trust with them.

Claims that the company is out of service.

The bottom line

This company was among the first to be established as a home inspection company. Out of this the idea of home warranty developed and the company changed to a home warranty provider. This company could not compete with the rest of home warranties due to offering partial covers for the home owners. It is likely that the company closed down through the customer post, it is evident that the company does not answer customer calls therefore showing qualities of having closed down. However the company was good.

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