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A Better Home Warranty

A Better Home Warranty
Good: Low Deductible, A+ BBB Rating
Bad: Only Available in Texas
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A Better Home Warranty Review

For many years, A Better Home Warranty Company has provided the people living in Dallas, Texas the home warranty services thus enabling to have the peace of mind that many of them often need in the market. This has also enabled the company to enjoy a relatively higher reputation in the market whenever they need one.

Why do people prefer their services?

A Better Home Warranty Company has been protecting these people by offering them home warranty services, which they need. In addition, this has helped the people avoid unplanned expenses that often take place whenever they need these services.

They also offer 24-7 hour services for the residents and this means that the people can always get these services whenever they need by simply making a call. This means that whenever you need their services, you should always call them to get the services.

The company always ensures that they take full responsibility of the type of services that they offer. This means that they will always compensate you or redo the work whenever you are unsatisfied with what you offer. This has helped gain reputation in the State especially the people who need the services.

Why do other people dislike their services?

Their prices are relatively higher than the average price in the market. Whenever customers think of the idea that they will spend more money, they always prefer the other companies in the company as opposed to using their services with an aim of making several savings.

Many customers have also complained in the past that the company sometimes has hidden charges that are only disclosed after they have offered the services. This has made them pay more than the initially agreed price thus leading a low reputation in the market.

The Bottom Line

You should make sure that understand the review prior to using their services.

A Better Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 4.4 out of 10

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