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2-10 Home Warranty Review

About 2-10 Home Warranty

2-10 HBW of California offers two sorts of guarantees, the 2-10 Warranty/new Construction Home Warranty, and the Systems and Appliances Warranty/home Service Contract. Each one covers different types of repair needs and chosing the right one to best meet your needs is important. It is quite unique among coverage providers in its offerings of up to ten year warranties in place of the 1 year that is almost standard in the industry.

For builders and contruction companies

The 2-10 Warranty/new Construction Home Warranty must be sought by the manufacturer of a home who is obliged to meet endorsing rules and consent to take after the terms of his concurrence with 2-10. On the date of shutting, homeowners get a Certificate of Warranty sponsored by 2-10 with the maker’s name on it.

for homeowners and landlords

The Systems and Appliances Warranty/home Service Contract spreads significant home frameworks and apparatuses. In the event that one of the frameworks or apparatuses that a homeowner’s agreement spreads breaks down, 2-10 sends a builder to do the repair. The homeowner pays a deductible and 2-10 blankets the rest.
Provided at the closing of your home or purchased directly from 2-10, this warranty covers normal wear and tear to your home’s major systems (furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, plumbing and electrical systems) and major appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, built-in microwave, disposal, trash compactor). Complementary to your homeowner’s insurance, your 2-10 HBW warranty covers the repair or replacement of the most frequent and likely home system and appliance breakdowns.

Making a Claim

When a covered system breaks down, simply place a claim online or call our toll-free number, and we will immediately dispatch a contractor to make the repair. You pay the contractor a small service fee and we pay the rest for all covered items. You don’t have to hassle with finding a contractor or worry about negotiating the cost of the repair work. In the event that a covered system or appliance cannot be repaired, they will replace it with a system or appliance of comparable or better quality. It’s the perfect solution for today’s busy homeowner.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Transferable
  • 24 Hr claim submittal
  • Multiple coverage options


  • Doesnt cover all repairs
  • Can include hidden costs


Home warranties are a wise investment for homes that are both new and previously owned. The company has seen expansion in the nine years it has been in business and as a result demonstrates a good working relationship with the chosen market. There are some issues with service, but like any company must contract service due the options offered, there will be some disagreement. Voicing those issues will solve those complaints over the lifespan of a relatively new company. This looks like a solid company concerned with customer relationships and saving clients money related to home ownership.

2-10 Home Warranty, reviewed by Best Home Warranty on 2015-11-06T20:31:30+00:00 rating 3.2 out of 10

3 Reviews for "2-10 Home Warranty"

  1. Betty S
    February 25, 2015, 3:22 pm

    I have had 2-10 for two years and have no problem with them; I have had a couple problems with air conditioning and the contractor cam out within a couple hours. They were polite and took care to not bring in any dirt and cleaned up afterward. One time I filed a claim late Friday and the contractor called and said he could be there in two hours! (even though he had 4 business hours, which meant I would need to wait until Monday). I was okay and didn’t need him to come right away. I have been considering changing to another home warranty only because of the increases in cost and deductibles but would only change to one that contracted with the same contractor. I
    have contacted him and he thinks I should stay because he feels 2-10 is the best and that other companies are raising prices now or will within the year. He has contracts with other warranty companies but still advised that I stay with this one. I trust him because of his work ethic and his employees work ethic and responsibility and respect.
    He actually suggested my getting a home warranty policy when doing work for me prior to buying the policy; luckily I bought one that he contracted with. I suggested 2-10 to my daughter and she now has 2-10 for her warranty

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  2. Jim S
    July 30, 2016, 5:25 pm

    I paid up front for a service call to fix a non-functioning ice maker; the repair was done and it still doesn’t work.
    I called the technician but was told he isn’t scheduled for any service calls this weekend, so I should call the office.
    I called the office, got a recording and left a message, but I haven’t gotten a call back.
    So far this company has been worthless to me because I’ve paid up front for a repair that didn’t fix the problem.

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  3. Kim Sublett
    March 26, 2018, 10:17 pm

    Had an issue with an appliance glass cooktop call 2-10 Warranty, a month goes by I finally call the contractor who tells me I need to call 2-10. Called them to follow up they tell me from looking at the photos that the claim is denied!!! Never reached out to tell me before I called, and pretty much blamed me for condition of the glass, stated I had to have caused the problem! Mind you we are talking about a cooktop (heat and glass) could be problem at any time! I repeatedly told them I did nothing to cause the issue!
    Let me state I bought the Supreme package which covers all parts (knobs/latches/racks/glass/cooktop) and paid for the warrant in full, which was close to $1000, not to add I renewed the warranty after 3 years, which makes me some what loyal until now! I was treated awful and with no solutions or recommendations, they (2-10) truly did not care! I’m glad this renewal is in it’s beginning stages! Scott J Cromie (CEO of 2-10 Warranty), I will be sending you an email!!!!!

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