With increasing episodes of burglary and crime, many people have been looking for effective ways to improve both home and business security. One of the often oversight areas is the garage. People tend to reinforce security systems along vulnerable places like corridors and around the house while neglecting the garage. It is important to ensure you take appropriate measures to beef up the security of your garage and prevent attacks from that end especially since this entry grants access to you and burglars as well. Here are a few tips that will help you improve garage security.

Keep your garage opener with you always

Most people prefer to leave their garage openers in their car or some place where they do not have to carry it along all the time. This stems from the old practice of having bulky openers with keys that are not even in use. It is recommended that you purchase light easy-to-carry garage openers that you can keep close. Leaving them in cars or other places makes it very easy for someone to snatch it and access your home.

Cover and conceal windows and doors

Many garages contain doors that open up to the main house and provide access to other rooms. It is therefore very important to cover all doors and windows as a way of keeping burglars away. These vulnerabilities should be closed whenever you are not in the garage. You can use curtains to cover windows or even conceal them with paints which do not allow those outside to see inside. This way, the crooks never know what to expect and opt to try burgling another place other than your home.

Always keep garage door closed when not in use

It is not uncommon for people to forget closing their garage doors and this can happen to anyone for various obvious reasons. If you are fond of leaving the garage doors open, it is time to start keeping them shut. You can install a garage door monitor that glows red whenever the door is open and turns green when safely shut. This can help reduce the number of times you forget to lock the door. Some monitors even have timers that produce alerts after the door has remained open for a considerable amount of time. Still on keeping garage doors shut, ensure you have strong locks and deadbolts that are not easy to break. Secure doors feature double or even triple locks.

Consider advanced security options

Technology has greatly impacted security in various ways and home owners can take advantage of existing technologies to strengthen the security of their property. Technologies such as advanced garage door openers, card keys and doors that shut automatically behind you are all available for garage owners. You can also integrate alarm and surveillance systems including seamless remote monitoring, night vision and motion sensing.


There are many other things you can do to improve garage security. Most of the tips mentioned above are DIY ideas and do not require any technical assistance apart from integrating advanced technology. Ensure high quality systems are used and all other vulnerabilities are reinforced to achieve comprehensive security. It is also encouraged to contact expert security companies for more ideas and suggestions.