Your air conditioner is one of the most intricate appliances in the home. Due to the nature of its design, you might never know that something is wrong until all of a sudden, it goes out of service and you are left puzzled, wondering when the rain started beating you. In order to avoid nasty surprises, you will need to carry out regular maintenance practices on the device. Such activities could include the regular cleaning and handling to more complex strategies like the replacement of parts. One of the most important parts of the device is the air filter, and this is where you need to focus on. In this piece, we discuss the steps you need to follow to keep your filter in top shape.

Getting hold of your filter

Some filters can be found in the main event, the one that allows cool air to enter your residence. Here, you may need some level of unfastening to remove the piece from its intricate housing within the vent. If you do not know where the vent is, check it out near the thermostat. Some other filters will be located inside a marked slot right inside your furnace. Before removing the filter, ensure that the whole unit off to steer off accidents.

Knowing your filter type

You will need to know the type of filter that works in your system just in case you need to replace it at some point. Fiberglass filters look like large window frames. They get the job done but they are a rather old technology whose longevity is a month on average. Pleated filters are rectangular and come with a width of 1 inch. The average replacement period is 3 months, although the experts advise 45 days for maximum performance. Media filters are essentially bigger versions of their pleated colleagues but last for up to a year.

Installing a filter

When you find a replacement piece that is tailored for your unit, gently fix it in place. You shall have the help of an arrow that shows you what end goes in first. This is a simple process but manufacturers advise that it should be done just as instructed, because that is how filters are set up and in the correct position, their performance levels stay at the top. Afterwards, place the cap in place and run the unit.

Dealing with window units

These ones are set up a little different from the regular types. The filter in this case will be located below the point where cool air seeps out. For window unit filters, the recommended replacement period should be a year. However, cleaning and other forms of maintenance need to take place every month.

For these units, turn the system off and unfasten the filter. Beat it gently against a flat surface to get rid of the dust particles collected over time. Clean it gently with a towel or a clean, damp piece of cloth. You can dry it with another piece, or simply leave it out there to dry on its own. Do not use water under any circumstances. Afterwards, put the filter back in place.