Whether it is major or minor damage, proper steps should be taken in repairing a stove burner. For starters, you will need to have the right tools in place in order to begin the process. For the job you are going to need: wire cutters, wire nuts, wire strippers, and a screwdriver. Depending on the type of damage and type of repair, the steps are going to be quite simple for the repair process. So, make sure to consider this process when repair is required, and you need a quick fix in the home.

Issues in the kitchen

A common problem many homeowners incur is when the stove burner goes out in the kitchen, however, it is a quick and simple fix once you determine the root issues behind why the burner isn’t working. Although many people are intimidated by issues with electric appliances, you do not automatically have to call an electric repair technician to your home. When it comes to some electric appliances, especially one like the electric stove, there are many quick fixes you are going to be able to take on and do yourself. These steps will help you in repair.

Burner inspection is the first step

Prior to doing any work, remove the burner from the wall and unplug it. You will lift the burner which is not working. To do this lift the burner which is not working so you can see if it is hardwired or not, or if it is a plug in. Depending on the type of stove, there is one of two repair options which you will go with.

Clear off the prongs is the next step

Cleaning the prongs that connect the burner to the electrical components is the quickest and easiest fix. Using a wire scrubber you will rub the prongs together to remove any visible dirt or debris, from there, reinstall the burner to check if it is working. If it works you are done, if not, check another burner and perform a similar repair. If this one does work, the fix is to remove the initial burner which wasn’t working. If prongs are burnt or pitted, replacing the and receptacle might be the solution to your problem.

Hardwired burner repair is the third step

For a hardwired stove, remove the burner and look for white clips. Remove the insulator to gently pop out the clips and remove screws holding the wires to the insulator. Replace the burner with a reassembling wire and turn the burner on. If it works, you have to replace the first burner.

Receptacle replacement

For plug burners, if the plug-in is burned or pitted, replacing the receptacle and burner is the solution. Plug in the prongs to replace the burner. Replacing the receptacle will take a bit more work. First, hold down the steel spring in the receptacle or unscrew it. You then lift the cook top to access wiring, open the cook top, and will use a thin metal brace so you can work on the receptacle.

At this point you remove the receptacle and wrap all wires with tape so you can determine which ones need to be replaced. You will cut all wires and purchase a replacement receptacle for the stove. You will need the wire stripper to remove the tips of the wires; do this by twisting corresponding wires together with those from your stove to the new receptacle. Wire nuts then go in to secure all wires. Reinstall the receptacle with screw or spring tops, and finally turn it on so you can test out the new burner.

Some jobs do require professional help. But, these simple steps allow you to quickly and easily replace or repair parts of your electrical stove in no time.