Home warranty is a type of insurance that is usually offered by an insurance company. This insurance is usually offered to the property owner with the written agreement between both parties. This warranty is going to cover all replacement and repair expenses for any domestic appliances that are connected to a home. This insurance has a lot of benefits for both home buyers and home sellers. This home warranty can be a good thing to consider when you are planning to buy a house. However, you should take a look at some important things before you choose the best home warranty supplier.

Home Warranty Plan

This home warranty plan is recommended for all home owners. There are many benefits that people can get from this warranty plan. This insurance is very useful to prevent loses because of some failures or breaks in the novel house. This insurance is suitable for all homeowners who purchase their homes at the first time. This plan is also suitable for people who don’t have time or experience in maintaining their house properly. Therefore, they have to protect their houses or buildings with proper home warranty plan.

How to Pay the Home Warranty

Home warranty is usually created to mediate between the property owner and seller. This insurance can protect any assets from the seller before the negotiation process is done. Most home sellers usually want to use this home warranty plan, so they can protect their assets, furniture, and any other items in their houses during the negotiation process. This plan is usually paid by the home seller because it can become a seller’s advantage. However, some real estate mediators also have home warranty plan that is designed for the home buyers.

What is the Average Cost of the Home Warranty?

It is important for all people to learn about the average cost of this home warranty plan. This plan is not an expensive plan that everyone can purchase easily. Most home warranties are usually ranging from $250 to $400 every year. The rate of this insurance depends on the coverage and other benefits. There are some insurance companies that may offer discounts or deals for all customers. They may also offer reduced price for new customers who are interested with this home warranty plan. It is important to compare some available companies to find the best warranty at reasonable price.

How does a Home Warranty Work?

Most plans usually have similar procedures for all customers. It is recommended for all clients to learn about this home warranty plan before taking the best one for themselves.

  1. When the home appliance breaks down, the property owner is going to call the home warranty company.
  2. This company is going to call a reliable service company to repair any broken appliances.
  3. This service company calls the property owner to make an appointment.
  4. This service company is going to repair any problems that may happen in the home appliance. When the appliance cannot be repaired, this company will replace the whole system with a notice to the insurance company.
  5. The property owner is going to pay small service charge that is usually less than $100

Types of Home Warranty Coverage

Different plans may have their own coverage areas. Therefore, you should talk with the home warranty company to discuss about their plans. A good insurance company should be able to list all appliances or home systems that are covered under the chosen warranty plan. You can ask your real estate mediators to find some promotions that are available on the market today. Don’t forget to read all terms, conditions, and policies before signing any contracts with an insurance company.


Home warranty plan is an important thing for all property owners. People should also understand that not all claims can be accepted by the home warranty company. Some companies may refute any claims without any reasons. When this situation occurs, you can simply call your real estate mediators. They will be able to help you solve your situation immediately. A good mediator should be able to find the right solution for all customers. Some real estate agents are able to deal with some insurance companies to solve this unsuccessful claiming procedure. Some of them may require a few days to solve this problem properly.