Despite the fact that home warranties are considered to be beneficial to older domestic devices, some homeowners believe that it is not practical nor convenient to apply for a contract nowadays. The moment this realization starts to materialize, the owner must take some necessary steps to invalidate the contract in order to prevent the unnecessary extra charges. Likewise, if you are certain that you want to invalidate your contract, it is advisable to review it beforehand in order to prevent any problems that could arise during the process of canceling the contract.

Guidelines to Cancellation

Evaluating the contract

Assess the original contract. In most cases, the agreement is usually state-specific when it comes to the cancellation of terms. Most of these are designed to abide the protection of every customer of each designated state. As much as possible, in order to prevent the unnecessary charges, it is crucial to evaluate the agreement first before calling the company. However, if you couldn’t find the original copy of your warranty contract, you must send a letter of request through the registered mail addressed to the warranty company, stating that you need a duplicate copy for your own personal records.

Cancellation letter

Write an invalidation letter addressed to the company– indicate that you are requesting for a termination of services. Moreover, this should be composed of the following: name, address of the card holder, and account number. Also, state in your letter that the issue must be resolved within a month. A 30-day time frame is essential, for most companies ask for time period that is within a month. With that, be ready to miss another month of service coming from the company that you have applied for.

Additional copy

It is a prerequisite to have an extra copy of the letter that you are going to post. The additional copy shall be submitted in order to cancel the routine monthly fees. Likewise, make sure to attach a photocopy of the letter being mailed to the company that handles your contract. This would serve as an acknowledgment that the credit card company or bank have been informed. Never attempt to email, fax, or even call the company’s customer service to request a cancellation of demands. The submission of these demands could become quite cumbersome to validate. Therefore, such requests would not be entertained.

Notification of the agencies

The bank or credit card issuer that handles the routine costs should be contacted and the customer representative of the said company in which the account is subject for cancellation must be notified. Authenticate that the additional copy has been honored, and don’t forget to inform the company about the previously anticipated date. Also, indicate the date and time of call, as well as the agent’s name.

You can reach the company via registered mail and request for a validation letter, about the termination of the warranty contract . However, keep in mind that the request for a written authentication could last for almost five weeks; and once you receive the request, make sure to save it together with the original copy of your authenticated contract.

By the time that the termination of the said contract has been fully validated, you must observe banks, then don’t forget to charge the accounts being established. Likewise, observe banks and take note of the illegal subtractions performed by the company if there are any. In case that the cash has been taken from the account a month after the cancellation request has been submitted, or after the invalidation of the contract was established, call the appropriate companies at once. Volunteer to fax the cancellation letter made and in most instances, the bank or credit card issuer will shoulder the extra fees.


In a nutshell, this contract is specifically designed for holders that would usually take charge of the costly repairs of appliances and home systems. Even though this plan would not fully cover the pre- existing conditions in your place, it could still be a practical alternative to lessen the unexpected expenses that you might experience once you purchase a new home. With that, before canceling the contract, it is advisable to think about it first before coming up with a final decision. Weigh the probabilities first.