Since the Green movement has become so widely known, green roofs have also increased in popularity. When the surface of a roof has been covered with soil and plants it is known as a green roof. This is taking advantage of some of the most underutilized and forgotten architectural spaces and turning them into green roofs, by creating natural growing garden rooftops that become eco-friendly organic art.

Green Roof Creation

Creating a green roof by using your shed or home roof requires that you have ample knowledge of both gardening and architecture. The shape and size of your roof will be your first consideration. A green roof will not be a practical option if you have a roof that is difficult to access or without a flat surface. The overall aesthetic and design of your house will also have to be considered. Does your preference lean towards flowering plants and grasses or frilly vines that tend to spill and hang over the side of the house? Some individuals may prefer herbs and fruits grown on their green roofs. Creating a green roof is a simple task that almost anyone can do, once you have the go ahead from a professional. You need confirmation from a structural engineer before you choose your materials, to be certain that the roof is able to support the weight you want to add to it.

Environmental Benefits

Your green environmentally conscious roof is never going to go out of style, considering that green is the new black. Green roofs promote eco-fiendly lifestyles, absorb that harmful carbon dioxide and improve the quality of your surrounding air. Lending a hand to Mother Nature is the most obvious advantage of green roofs.

Decrease Heating and Cooling Bills

It will not only be the immediate environment, but your bank account will also benefit from your green roof. Due to the extra layer of insulation from the soil and plants, you will have a home that naturally remains cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Your green roof will also be a major contributor to a cooler neighborhood because it reflects more sunlight back into space.

Rain and Snow Collecting

Precipitation collects on green roofs, helps to reduce runoff and soaks up the rainwater during the summer. Winters may present more of a problem and a danger when the snow accumulates on the flat roof and adds more weight than normal.

Expense Reduction

Doing your roof garden yourself is going to cost you between $5 to $10 for a square foot. Prices for tools and materials will differ but your green roof garden will pay you back in time. The impact of your green roof on the value of your property could be huge especially if the area in which you are located is an eco-friendly one that promotes a green lifestyle.

Roof Maintenance

If you don’t like the results when your lawn is not given regular care, then you will be sure to maintain your garden roof regularly so that your plants will not be overgrown and remain healthy. Unlike a normal house roof, your garden roof will demand far more attention.

New Tenants

There is a good chance that your new green roof could become the latest hip place for any number of squirrels, bugs, worms and birds. Your roof may become attractive to numerous animals who may like spending time there. This may prove to be a good thing for you if you are an animal lover.